Thirteenth Moon Rose Prayer Beads

Roses in Religions

Throughout history, roses have shown to be sacred and important. The spiritual symbolism of the rose has connected with many people, in many different  religions, spirit practices, etc. 

For example, in Ancient Mythology, roses represent love between people, and gods, and the way love works miraculously in the world.

In Christianity, roses represent the Garden of Love, and Virgin Mary is also known as the “Mystic Rose”.  In Catholicism, the mother of Jesus is known as the “Rose Without Thorns”.

The symbols of the human souls are represented to Muslims as roses; the scent of them brings the feeling of spirituality. Hindus and Buddhists believe roses to be joy. In the Pagan tradition, roses represent hearts.

Those who connect with Spirits or Angels often smell roses. This happens after prayer, meditation, or spiritual journeys.

Moon Prayers

Since the beginning of the history of prayer, many cultures have prayed to the Moon. Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China all had religions based on the Moon. Even now, Native Americans and many Africans believe the Moon is connection with Spirit.

The Moon is the feminine, and the Mother. In some traditions, it’s even called the Grandmother Moon, one of the first three sprits placed by the Great Spirit to watch over the children of the Earth.

Women go through each month the way the Moon does. The cycles, the emotions, the connections are like the vision we see of the Moon, as she gets darker and brighter, smaller and larger during the month.  

Only sometimes a year does the Moon show twice in one month. This is called the Thirteenth Moon.


The Thirteen Moon Rose Prayer Beads

I received a message, at a time when I was hopeless, to make a Thirteen Moon Rose Prayer Beads. I was to pray with these beads, moving each bead, repeating “I am a divine, sacred presence.” I was told to make the 12-month beads be roses, and the Thirteenth Moon be the Full Moon, as a completion of the cycle.  These beads are for this prayer.

With these Thirteen Moon Rose Prayer Beads, you can touch each bead, one by one, saying the prayer. When you arrive to the Full Moon, give her your thanks, and connect with her sacred energy, and with your own.

In these tools, each rose is about our sacred, divine presence.


Thorns in the Rose Prayer Beads

In these tools, each rose is about our sacred, divine presence. Between the roses are thorns, which are reminders of life experiences, some positive, some painful, all of which help us to transcend to attunement (being at one with the sacred).

When praying with these Prayer Beads, you can touch the thorn and then the rose, one by one. You are moving through the thorn to the rose, moving through the pain to the healing sacred that is within you.

When you reach the Full Moon, give her your thanks, and connect with her sacred energy, and your own.


Past and Present Rose Prayer Beads

In these tools, each rose on one side of the Moon is part of your past. The thorn is about your past pain with an experience. The dark rose is when you say “I am a divine, sacred presence,” for letting go of the pain of past experiences that no longer serves you.

The roses on the other side of the Moon are of your present. The thorns here are what your are dealing with now. When you touch a light rose, you say “I am a divine, sacred presence,” for letting go of the present pain that no longer serves you.

When you reach the Full Moon give her your thanks, and connect with her sacred energy, and your own.




Whispering Rose

Whispering Rose is a tool recommended to me by the White Deer (TLAHUIZMAZATL). It is a handmade fabric rose that you can hold while we do a remote Shamanic healing session. We will be listening to the Sonic Drive (drum journey) that will help us connect with the Spirit Guides.

In the Shamanic tradition, remote journeys were often done. The drum is like a riding horse, that allows the connection between the Shaman and the seeker, despite their location difference. I was told to offer this remote service. So, first, you will order the Whispering Rose that resonates with you, and once you receive it, you contact me.

We will speak about what this journey will be for you, and we will make the date and time. Then, the day before our meeting, with your permission, I will do a preparation connection with my Spirit Guides, to get the specific information of the healing I will do for you.

When we speak, you will be holding the Whispering Rose, which will bind our connection strongly, no matter how we are talking (via Skype, WhatsApp, iMessenger, phone, etc.)

Note: These Whispering Rose journeys are only for you. If you need to help someone you know, such as your child or a sick family member, have them choose a rose for themselves, if they can.

All Whispering Roses are made of recyclable materials, caring for Mother Earth, which is one of our core missions.



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